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Applying best practices for PHPUnit testing symfony plugins

By now I have been writing quite a bit about how to utilise PHPUnit when developing symfony plugins. But symfony is of course still bundled with lime so before starting right away every plugin needs to be prepared with small changes like adjusting the bootstrap.

And because all these little changes have to be repeated over and over again for every plugin you start they tend to get tedious.

But I’ve got an idea! 😉

Well credit where credit is due: it was actually Stefan Koopmanschap (skoop) who initially gave me the idea of putting my findings and best practices into a plugin.

So what is to be expected?

Well so far I plan the following three features:

  1. A symfony task to change the default test bootstrap to work with PHPUnit
  2. A symfony task  to create a best practice phpunit.xml.dist
  3. A symfony task to create skeleton test cases for classes in your project

Of course the plugin itself will be PHPUnit tested (eating my own dog food).

What would you like to see implemented? Feel free to comment on quora.

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  • Mmh, this would be the third symfony plugin handling PHPUnit then. You could join my plugin, if you want. You could save some time doing so or when you do not like it, then just drop me a line. Maybe we find some time to disucss this on the symfony day cologne :)

  • @Frank that might actually be a good idea. Lets talk over a beer then! :)

  • I love to see joint forces like this! Just what the Symfony community needs.

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