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gjShortUrlPlugin – Creating SEO landing pages and manage redirection of legacy URLs with the symfony and Doctrine plugin

At my work place at Gruner+Jahr I had to find a simple yet effective solution to the requirement of redirecting old legacy URLs to new and shiny symfony URLs after a relaunch.

Another requirement was to be able to build campaign and SEO landing pages that redirect to and article or search result or whatsit.

As a result of just a few hours of writing routing related code there is now a new kid in town: gjShortUrlPlugin.

The functionality of the plugin is very simple.

Every symfony route object implements a method called matchesUrl() which tries to match the URL pattern from the routing.yml on the current URL.

In gjShortUrlPlugin this method looks up a database table to do the matching. All methods to do the matching are atomic and easy to override.

The actual redirection is performed by a symfony module action controller which again gives you every opportunity to override.

Using the admin generator you can easily generate an admin tool to maintain your redirections.

In the README I have listed a few basic examples that should illustrate the flexibility of the plugin and gives you ideas on how to achieve your goals with it.

If anyone cares to write a Propel route I would be glad to add it to the plugin as an alternative option.

I hope this proves useful to someone out there.

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