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My personal review of PHPDay 2011 in Verona

Five days of conferencing have passed in what felt like only a few hours. I had great fun, met a lot of cool people and old friends, learned a few cool things and had an amazing time.

I haven’t really taken part in the jsday which preceded the PHPDay conference but I spoke to a lot of js people which was cool.

So what do I think?

Well apart from all the interesting chats I went to a few sessions.

Most memorable have been two talks by David Zülke who is what in Germany we call a “Rampensau” (look it up :) ). He remined me about best practices in designing RESTful interfaces and introduced me to Hadoop. Thijs Feryn provided a nice introduction to Varnish and Stephan Hochdörfer presented the ugly but efficient ways how to test tightly coupled legacy code and finally I learned a lot in an amazingly detailed talk from Lorenzo Alberton about NoSQL and when to choose which implementation.

You can read my live blogging with those sessions included here.

Apart from those and the other great talks I was giving a talk myself in which I tried to put Symfony2 into a business perspective to allow managers to decide on whether to use it or not but also to allow developers to find the right arguments to support their case.

I think it went rather well and as far as I was told has been well received by a quite big audience. If I ever do this session again (which I can only hope) I will definitely change a few things but all in all I am content with the result which you can see here.

A great thanks from my side to all organizers, sponsors, fellow speakers and audience! You were amazing!

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