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Is forking symfony 1.5 really a realistic option?

Responses to my Quo vadis symfony 1.4 post keep coming. Apparently this topic is important to quite a few people.

Even the idea of forking came up. But is this really going to happen? And does it make any sense at all?

What would be the benefit of forking symfony 1.4 and continuing development of the 1.x branch?

  • It is a pretty stable framework.
  • Proven to work in a lot of situations.
  • There are bucket loads of plugins available.
  • Many developers have deep knowledge of it and feel pretty comportable with it.

Some new features from the current Symfony2 development could be backported. As everything is completely decoupled this should be easy.

This could give access to Twig, Assetic and even the DI Container. Although this can be achieved by new plugins. The framework itself doesn’t need to be altered imho.

Who would do it? I’m sure there are plenty of talented developers amongst those who would like to stay with symfony 1. But I feel that the vast majority of the┬ácontributors┬áto symfony 1 have switched to Symfony2.

But the most important question is: why?

Staying with symfony 1 and continuing to develop it further would question the motivation behind Symfony2.

The main architectural reason for Symfony2 was that the MVC pattern implemented in symfony 1 is flawed. Many things don’t add up (though you can learn to live with this quirkiness). The filter chain for example.

Not switching to Symfony2 would essentially mean that you accept these flaws.

Now even if I don’t agree I can not see a reason to argue against this. Being pragmatic is not a bad thing as such.

So is this fork going to happen? I don’t think so really. But then you’ll never know..


  • Max

    maybe the motivation could be to maintain projects built on symfony 1.4 rather than just wanting to stick with the framework itself.

    Personally ii’m really looking forward to start the next project with sf2. But i can’t really imagine upgrading some symfony 1 projects.
    Depending in how much you’ve built on top, you might consider writing a patch yourself once in a while.

    Plugin development might continue for a while for the same reasons.

    Maybe there won’t be an “official” sf1.5 fork, but i really do hope for some ongoing development around 1.4 :)

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