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WTF of the week – Google Analytics weirdness

So I am pulling a lot of data from the Google Analytics Data Export API lately and some of the results just didn’t add up. Naturally I suspected my own code to be the culprit.

But when I turned to the Google Analytics web interface I went: wtf…

What I saw was this and it confirmed the data I pulled to be correct.. in a way..

Seriously how can 2 + 4 equal 3?

Have you ever seen something like this before? Can you explain it? I can not even imagine how i.e. a wrong usage of the tracking code could result in this.


  • Clear to me:
    1) You’re a SEO God!
    2) Google is not only tracking but closely monitoring your efforts.
    3) She is no longer willing to accept your non-paid search traffic as real visits.

  • @Michael sadly it wasn’t me who is responsible for the seo success. someone else is overperforming.. :)



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