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Google Analytics now in Real-Time!

It’s been announced for a while and finally started being rolled out a couple of weeks ago. Now I spend my first week with Google Analytics real-time tracking.

You can get some unique insights from real-time stats!

Most of you are currently reading this blog following a link on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. That’s where I post my latest links to and to track their impact I handle them like a campaign.

So I was able to see which social media channels were of importance to this blog (unsurprisingly most traffic is coming from Twitter).

Now with real-time stats as announced on the analytics blog “What’s happening on your site right now?” there is even more insight to be had.

It is fun to see peaks live after you posted a link somewhere. It is also interesting to see live what these people are reading also or if they bounce.

I must admit so far it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for a simple blog but I am working for a company with many editorial content websites where newsroom data can be crucial.

There have been solutions around for a while already and most of them cost a three digit figure monthly. Affordable for big sites maybe but still a cost that keeps from buying apparently.

Now with Googles addition you get a good deal closer to those solutions.

The only cost problem that remains is: you still need to pay someone to follow this data closely and you have to be able to allow this person to have an effect on the website otherwise you won’t get anything out of it. Think of real-time stats as a mission control center that can tell you where to funnel, what social media channels to post to and what articles to put on top of the homepage and a lot more.

Now your mission control center is there for free. You might as well use it.

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