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Travis CI – Continuous Integration to go

Yesterday I learned about Travis CI when I read a post by Lukas. I hadn’t heard about it before but just flicking through the documentation and some examples I got hooked.

Apparently it’s amazing.

So what is it?

It’s basically just another CI server but with some features I so far haven’t seen anywhere else.

Travis CI is a hosted service so there is no need for you to install anything.

It tightly integrates with Github.com. In fact the only way to get code into testing and building is through Github.

It is primarily build for Ruby but supports PHP as well and Closure and Erlang and Javascript (with Node.js)

So how does it work?

Well you authorize to travis-ci.org with your Github account over OAuth. Then you select which of your repositories you want built.

Builds are started when you push something to the repository and the result is send to a configurable email address.

Take a look at the getting started part of the documentation and the PHP specific part to learn more about Travis CI.

There is no more excuse not to test so expect another report based on my experience with Travis here any time soon.

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