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December 1st the day of blogger love!

Two days ago I proclaimed the 1st of December to be the day of #bloggerlove. Today is the day where all of you should leave a comment on every blog you appreciated today.

Bloggers around the world make our lives easier by sharing their experiences and they deserve a pad on the back to encourage them going on.

I could actually leave more comments myself when it comes to that so I’m no exclusion.

There are so many cool blogs out there with all kinds of expertise. If you like a post today please say so by leaving a comment no matter how small.

Feel free to start here of course. 😉


  • Nice initiative! It really reinforces myself when getting a comment about helping someone else with my blog post.

    So consider myself started for the day! :)

  • Leon

    Hope i can do this again next year! Keep on sharing/writing!

  • Shoot! I have nothing interesting to say on my blog today!
    Thanks for yours anyway, I regularly enjoy it and even sometimes comment it on non #bloggerlove days!

  • Christian, thank you for writing such an excellent blog covering a great diversity of subjects around webdevelopment. For me your blog is an awesome contribution to open source!

    Expecting a s***load more of those posts (and great talks on conferences too) in future :)

  • @all thanks for the comments so far. don’t forget the other blogs out there! and feel free to copy this post or similar to your own blog to spread the word.

  • Manel

    You have a really good blog. I lost you in the change of domain but I’ve found you again two weeks ago.

    Your opinions about symfony and tecnology are always welcome!

  • You know people love your blog. I don’t think you need #bloggerlove to learn about it 😉

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  • @Jakub it’s not only about my blog. I just noticed that the difference between visitors and comments is huge and I know that each comment helps motivating to write the next post. all blogs need #bloggerlove!

  • Cool, great idea. Your motivation is already amazing, still not sure how you manage to get a post done every day.

  • Really nice. I read all your post: always interesting and useful ones!

    Saludos desde Argentina ^_^

  • Damn, totally forgot it yesterday, will have to catchup at the weekend.

  • @robo47 it’s never too late for some #bloggerlove! :)



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