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Tracking the trackers – Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome plugins visualize your cookies

Just recently the newspaper The Guardian together with Mozilla developed a little tool called Collusion – a little add-on that visualizes cookies on the websites you visit and shows you in what kind of web you’re entangled.

By now it’s available for Google Chrome as well and it’s an eye opener.

While you browse the web the sites you visit attach all sorts of cookies to you. Mostly third party from tools such as Google Analytics or the Facebook Like button or advertisement stuff like Doubleclick, AdSense and the like.

Knowing how this works is one thing but seeing it is quite another. For this reason the Guardian and Mozilla teamed up developing and promoting this new plugin.

I strongly recommend to install it and keep an open eye on it just to get a feeling for the information footprint you’re leaving without notice.

You can get the add-on for Firefox here and here for Chrome.



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