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The best technological solution isn’t just a technical question

In the company I’m working for there are many technological projects running. For some of them I got the impression that they lost focus while looking for the perfect fit. From a technical viewpoint they seem almost ideal but is that all that matters?

Even the most beautiful shoe has to fit its owner.

I really like the shoe metaphor. I nicely visualizes that perfection only shows itself when put into context. How perfect can a shoe be on its own?

If you’re working on IT projects within a corporate environment you have to keep an eye open to get a feeling how well the company will receive your projects outcome. Will it be accepted? Does it meat with everybody’s goals?

You have to follow closely the politics of a big corporation. Look at peoples agendas and incentives. Look at who is caring for costs and who is caring for revenue. Look at who owns the budget. Loom at the company’s culture and the people your project has to serve.

In short.

If you build a shoe – you must consider the foot.



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