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The new Financial Times Deutschland in only five sprints!

While the product owner (me) was away on holidays the scrum team launched the renewed website of the Financial Times Deutschland.

And did a great job!
I admit it was far from ideal not to be present as a product owner for a critical time such as the launch. But the holiday was planned and paid for..

However the project was running smoothly and everybody knew what to do. The scope was defined, the priorities set and the last of only five sprint of this project on legacy code had already started when I left.

On August 30th the website relaunched with a new face.

Lessons learned:

  1. Bring the team together in a stable environment. We called it the war room.
  2. Avoid daily business tasks.
  3. Arrange user story workshops before a sprint to get every one in the same picture.
  4. Always provide fruit or substitute with sweets!
  5. Have the greatest team in the world!!!

Thank you guys!

  • congrats on the chiefless relaunch! you must be doing something right. :)

    as for the product, i am sure the back-end is the best one on the planet, but the design! 1px lines and 1bit icons? are we still in the nineties? i forgot.. 😛 ft.com on the other hand looks reasonably modern.

  • caefer

    @meinhard:disqus I couldn’t agree more but compared to where we came from it’s almost futuristic! 😉



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