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When a change process doesn’t get everyone on board

In the company I work for a lot is happening lately. Strategies are developed and are then replaced by other strategies. People climb on top of structures and are then replaced by other people. In the chaos everybody tries to secure what is important to his or her job.

In your job you can only focus on the present while for yourself you can only focus on the future.

If so many things get decided again and again the situation becomes unstable as you don’t know what’s next. Eventually you can do only what is last asked of you and you become more and more shortsighted in what you do.

For your private perspective you will start worrying about your immediate future. What will my job be like? Who will be my boss? And eventually: will I too benefit from all that’s going on around me?

An unstable working situation and the question of what’s in it for me? will probably end up with you looking for alternatives. Within the company or on the outside doesn’t matter as long as there is stability and a clear perspective. People like to feel safe and required.

They do not like to endure a long change process when they can not see the light at the end of the tunnel.




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