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Shaping an idea by visualizing it

For the past few weeks I am sitting down with a handful of colleagues to produce a new product idea. We discuss strategies, usability, markets, business models, workflows and a whole lot more. We made a lot of scribbles during these discussions.

Entering the design process however was a major step forward.

All these scribbles we’ve done basically served as something to agree on. Something that illustrates the ideas we were discussing. They provided a common understanding where words were just to inaccurate.

Yesterday we started the design process with the help of the guys from precious. With just some explanations and our badly drawn scribbles they started to visualize our ideas.

It is amazing how your idea changes shape when it evolves from a scribbled wireframe to a design draft.

Questions of size, proportion and color and so forth arise that you didn’t think about before.

We do this early in the process even before we go into the concept phase. We do this in order to convince our bosses of our idea before spending too much time and money and because we know that a picture can do that job much better than some bullet points.

But the impact of those early designs on the people involved is amazing. Seeing your idea taking shape is such a motivating moment. I would recommend early designs to all such processes.




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