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Do you want to build iOS and Android apps with Zend Studio?

I just stumbled upon a news on VentureBeat saying PHP developers can now build mobile apps from their IDE. In PHP! This sounds as if you can code in PHP which then will be transformed into native code.

But it’s not working like that.

The article on VB doesn’t add any details but it suggests that PHP code is used to build native apps. However there is no code transformation involved. Instead Zend Studio 10 will offer a WYSIWYG editor to build some mobile interfaces using PhoneGap.

This editor can be used to connect each element within your interface to a web service which you can program in PHP and which runs somewhere in a cloud. So the result is a PhoneGap HTML5 app that is connected to a web service. It surely saves some time when you can do this from only one tool but I don’t think this is ground breaking as you could do this from Eclipse before maybe with less WYSIWYG.

Originally found on VB as well.

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