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What are we selling? – visualizing business ideas

Lately I have been discussing quite a lot of business ideas with a variety of people. Lots of great ideas came up and some of them are going to be pushed further. After discussion you have to define the next steps.

Why not try to visualize your ideas?

In one of these discussions I got the impression that everybody involved had a clear picture of the product to be build. However these pictures don’t necessarily have to be matching.

So I proposed that the next time we sit down instead of talking we take some pen and paper and try to visualize our ideas.

The key question being What are we selling?

Especially when you’re talking about a service rather than a product it is often hard to describe it. But eventually you need to be able to do just that as you want to sell your service to a customer.

Scribbling your idea will eventually help you anser the question for your target group and shapes your idea. It will also ensure that everybody involved has the same picture in his/her head. As soon as you’re able to easily explain what you are about to do you will be ready to implement it and of course sell it.




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