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Would you like the idea of targeting for your teaser management?

On content websites you usually get a lot of teasers along with the content you’re currently looking at. Usually they happen in a sidebar and the end of the content itself. Their purpose is to draw your attention to other contents so you make more clicks and spend more time and eventually see more advertising.

But do they work for you?

In general teasers are not very effective but still the only way to drag people deeper into the website.

The problem of being ineffective is the basically the same as in advertising itself. Only there we find multiple solutions that can all be summarized by the term targeting.

Basically a script keeps track of individual users and their behaviour on a page to determine their interests. Based on those interests you will see adverts targeted specifically on you.

Of course ad networks have the benefit of running across multiple websites and can track a user throughout their portfolio whereas a single website could only look at the users actually on their pages.

Still wouldn’t it be nice to know what the user is actually interested in? And then according to that insight present teasers around the current content that are specifically targeted at his or her interests?

Would you think it’s worth the technical effort?




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