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With our heads in the clouds – the importance of cloud services

Technology comes ever so close. The computer first entered our workplaces, then our homes, tablets are our living rooms and with us on holidays. And the smartphone accompanies us everywhere we go. Technology is always with us even if we switch devices.

But we want to access the same informations.

The big ones offer cloud services already. Facebook for example is accessible on every device and syncs its data with its database. Your social contact are bound to your account not to one of your devices which would be silly.

I use Evernote on my phone for note taking and organizing myself but I would not have chosen it if it didn’t offer access to all my data from all devices whether via apps for several OS or via a web interface.

I don’t really get it when a startup nowadays focusses on a device like the iPhone or a type of devices like the smartphone alone. If an idea is that good that I like it I want to have access to it everywhere I am. A web interface is mandatory. The web will not cease to exist any time soon.

Some new services piggy back other cloud services and store their data with other services like Google Drive or Facebook or Dropbox. That is fine as it lowers technical costs and offers a working service.

When designing a service we need to design for functionality first and then on accessibility.

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