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The quality of nay-sayers

A few days ago a colleague of mine mentioned he thinks that this company needs some nay-sayers! Amongst others he was referring to me – and respectfully so.

But what would you need nay-sayers for?

Sometimes I think I’m becoming a cynical old fart. No longer playing on the field but standing next to it commenting. That’s not strictly true of course but I am quite opinionated and frankly very open about that. Now I’m not looking for promotion but I generally support idea of a need for nay-sayers.

So what could someone like that be of use for? If someone like this would be thrown onto the field what could he do?

Advise first: don’t let him play right away as he will loose his perspective on the whole game and focus only on the ball.

Second advise: don’t let him be in charge of the team as he will be radical either sacking the whole team or change to the opposite opinion.


Make him the deputy trainer. Give him some but not all responsibility and bring him close to where the action is.

Nay-sayers are good at asking awkward questions and rubbing it in. Let them.

There will be answers. Some will be good while some won’t. Some will prove the instinct of the nay-sayer while some will prove the opposite.

If the nay-sayer ir any good he will change his opinion where he’s been proved wrong and promote the good things he found. And where he had the nose for it he will continue to request for change – which is what you need to do when you’re on the wrong track.

If positioned properly you can benefit from your nay-sayers.

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