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No more 500 on test.ical.ly! I found the WordPress plugin that caused the errors

For many weeks now I experience random 500 errors on this blog. Usually they happened whenever I saved a blog post but also during the day when I did nothing on it the blog would stop working until the web server has been restarted.

This problem is now solved.

It wasn’t easy as no matter what log level I chose nothing helpful would come up in the logs. Nothing at all in fact.

So finally I deactivated four random plugins. I chose the ones I think I added last.

The errors were gone.

I gave it a week or so and the blog would run like a charm with no downtime! So the error causing plugin must’ve been one of the four.

Yesterday morning I activated one of those plugins and instantly the blog would crash. Deactivating it again the crashes stopped.

Even with the other three plugins activated there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

The 500s were caused by WP Greet Box a cool plugin to adress users depending on their referrer. Now I’m not saying that it is faulty in any way it might also just conflict with another plugin. But I deem it no too important and only nice to have for this blog so I can easily give it up.

Fingers crossed this will stop the errors forever and sorry for the inconvenience caused.


  • frastel

    Great news! Thank you for this investigation! I already wondered if something changed since last years as I had no 500er anymore.



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