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Looking back at my 2012 predictions

looking-back-at-2012End of 2011 I have made some predictions about 2012 and since 2013 has already started it might be a good idea to review those and see what actually turned out and what didn’t.

6 out of 10 is not too bad right?

Let’s examine.

Facebook is going to attack Google where it hurts

I predicted that Facebook will start to be an ad network that runs its ads in and outside of facebook.com. I also predicted that it will struggle with their own development processes as they would have to ensure a stability to their ad clients which they currently don’t ensure to their users.

I probably got the last bit right but the ad network did not happen just yet. Currently Facebooks strategy seems to focus on other ways of growth but I would still say that this is going to happen at some point.

Every Google user will open a Google+ account

Well almost. I expected that Google+ accounts will be automatically created for each Google account.

Instead every new one is instantly asked to create one. It’s not mandatory yet though.

Apple will not struggle

Well they didn’t. Still leading several markets and the hype remains unbroken. The myth that was Steve Jobs might be up in smoke but with Tim Cook Apple hasn’t lost any traction so far.

And the next iPhone will be the best, I promise!

The Amazon Kindle Fire will go global

Global as in Europe. The Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD are now available outside the US market widely across Europe.

I am still curious how Amazon will continue the development of their Android clone. It’s still a Gingerbread remember and compared to the other Android devices out there it’s rather uncool.

RIM will go Android or bust

RIM’s certainly not going to go Android but plans to return with a bang with Blackberry 10 and new devices to be released soon.

Bang it may be but this might backfire as many companies have announced in 2012 that they will switch to iPhones and private phone use turning away from Blackberry as their mobile supplier. I don’t expect anyone to even think about Blackberry 10 as part of their digital strategy.

So I’d say going bust is still on but with a long struggle first.

Samsung will team up with Google for Google TV and more

That one didn’t happen at all.

Google TV doesn’t seem to fly yet with the Nexus Q not even hitting the market. Only Sony, LG and Vizio are producing devices for Google TV all of which are far from big success stories.

I’d still like to see this happen but I’m sure Samsung will not join in the chant until the concept is proven.

The end of the mainstream has already started

I didn’t think this will turn out the way it did. Newspapers and magazines are struggling. In Germany the first big newspapers cease to exist which unfortunately include the Financial Times Deutschland which I was working for..

Social networks will diversify and prosper

A trend becomes apparent to build specialized communities. A good example is houzz.com a community platform about interior designs and all things attached with some interesting business model ideas.

People with a common interest who actively take part in a community make an interesting target group for related professions. Markets get born that way.

Think platform

I should extend this from 2012 to the current decade probably. Platforms like Google, Apple, Amazon and so forth continue to be the big players for all things digital. But other companies are following the same strategy to become platforms in their profession ranging from logistics to manufacturing.

You either are a platform or you’re on one. Producing something and making everything yourself just won’t cut it anymore.

All eyes on eCommerce

eCommerce grows steadily. However the next big thing is yet to happen.

I have to say I’m quite satisfied with the outcome. Watch this space for 2013 predictions next week!

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