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Look out for a wrong self-conception

black-mirrorImagine you’re hired by a company as an expert in your field. You’re the specialist and they say you will get to define how things will work. Maybe you even get to build your own team. And at some time in the future when the company is ready everything will work your way.

Sounds too good to be true?

There is a big danger in this pleasing as it seems.

When you don’t get the chance to bring yourself in right away to dive into existing processes and then bend them in your directions to make them work but instead are in a hold position for quite some time with the promise of defining the future then you are likely to build a wrong self-conception a wrong image of your position.

While another part of the company is running the business while you are preparing future ideas and processes you are walking up the steps of the ivory tower. With good intentions.

However at some point you will have to do your part in running the business and your job description then is likely to differ from the one in your head. Not easy to get around that.

What to do?

Get in touch with the business and the people currently running it. Prepare to blend in rather than to recreate. Take a close look at the motivation of the people who hired you. Are you being exploited?

You should always try to get a good understanding of how things are currently handled and mentally prepare to join in before making a change. Only reality checks like this will prevent you from creating an image of yourself that will shatter when confronted with the real world.



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