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Activity moves up your Alexa.com rank

alexa.comIf you want to benchmark your website against all others you will soon discover Alexa.com which does just that. Alexa.com maintains a hitlist for all websites worldwide possibly including your own.

I discovered that continuous activity has a direct effect on your rank.

Granted the rank of testically.org is far from being worth anything as it gets interesting only when you get in the top 100.000 and higher up as then you can see trends and compare yourself directly with others.

Anyhow your rank is featured in the default WordPress admin dashboard which gives you an indicator of how your doing.

Now I had some time off blogging during the last month and I fell down by almost 100.000 points in global rank. Now since I started blogging daily again I move up by tens of thousands every day just like I moved down when not blogging.

So activity seems to be one key factor to improve your rank if you want to.

And while you’re not too high up you might want to take a peak at the top sites worldwide and discover quite a few websites that I’m sure you didn’t see coming.

  • idont

    Alexa is the least reliable system. You want a proof: 1.- install the alexa plugin on your browser(s) 2.- browse your site 3.- enjoy the skyrocketing figures. I was amazed to see the influence of a single install. (This experiment works on medium/small traffic websites)



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