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Smartphones, tablets.. it doesn’t stop just there!

minority-reportWithin the publishing industry that I work in as well as many others management seems to envision a bright future getting their brands and products onto smartphones and tablets. Many digital strategies revolve around the web, mobile and tablets.

Chances are these strategies fall short.

I talked before about the importance of user situations rather than device categories arguing that device categories become more and more indistinguishable and blurred with big smarthpones, small tablets and tablet / notebook hybrids.

Reading the reviews coming from the current CES in Las Vegas I can see my point proven. Big mobile screens are trending on the CES 2013 with 5.5 inch smartphones by Lenovo as well as a 6.1 inch giant by Huawei . On the other hand the era of 7 inch tablets continues. 1 inch isn’t much of a difference anymore and in terms of connectivity tablets and smartphones have a lot in common.

But there is more to come.

Smart TVs are on the rise and the so far unsuccessful Google TV continues to stretch the Android platform to the TV screen something that Apple TV has already progressed to. With a touch device with TV dimensions Lenovo even created a new category –  the table PC.

Still more to come.

Do you really think that touch based devices are the bees knees? Best interaction control ever?

Think again and try to imagine what will be possible once technology such as PaperTab becomes widely available.

Once production prices come down owning a cool device will no longer be as important to you as it is now. You will be surrounded by devices that interact with you!

Latest news have told us that even the automotive industry is preparing to open up their car systems for app developers. How long will it be until a car becomes just one more device that you can build products for?

When conceiving your future products you should already start to think beyond smartphones and tablets.

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