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Who can take care about your IT governance?

rudderIf you google for IT governance you will find a lot of information about frameworks and processes and modells. You will find experts and a whole lot of jargon. All very complicated.

In a nutshell though it’s simple.

IT governance is about ensuring that all your IT is setup to fully support your business goals.

Needless to say that the bigger your company the bigger the challenge. The question is though what are the qualifications of a person taking care about an issue such as this?

You’re looking for someone with both deep technical understanding and experience as well as a sound understanding of your business.

In an IT driven company that could probably be almost everyone. In other industries however it is not so easy to find someone like this.

The goal is to setup your whole IT including people and processes and strategic decisions such as doing something in-house or not (like hosting, development, other services, ..) to support your business requirements.

Just asking management about those requirements will not be successful, as the answer probably won’t be a complete picture and important details will be missing. And if you’re simply asking for all requirements the list you will get will probably include some contradiction as well as only high priority items.

This person can not find good compromises if there is no understanding of what all these requirements aim to achieve nor will he be able to bring management to make a decision if he can not explain the compromise and it’s advantages and disadvantages.

In a bigger company you can grow such persons if you promote and develop people in IT towards management.




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