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Startups – work out your user value!

benefitsWhen talking to startup-ers you can hear a lot about their ideas what they want to do and how they want to do it, who they are and how they started out. Lots of details of everything but the most important answer often isn’t explicitly answered.

What does it do for the user?

This is the most important question because we’re talking about your customers here. Without them all the rest doesn’t matter at all.

Especially if there are other services or product doing more or less the same as you do you have to define what you do differently. Why is what you offer a better alternative?

And then again take on the user perspective. Do not just describe what the user gets but why this is useful to him. This can be extremely hard depending on your service or product but it is necessary to attract customers.

It is also necessary to determine the price you can levy. To define what people have to pay you have to know what they will get.



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