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Don’t sell before you see it!

chicken-and-eggYesterday I had a long and quite productive meeting. We discussed the future of a product. How it’s going to look, what it’s going to contain and how it’s going to earn money.

And we had to stop people from selling it!

There isn’t a golden rule for when you can sell something – at least none that I know of. But there certainly are times that are totally wrong.

You can sell an idea too early and create frustration until you finally deliver at which point the acceptance might be low.

You can sell a product too early when it’s not yet developed and in the worst case find a buyer and increase pressure on your timeline which isn’t going to go well with quality.

You can sell a service too late when you had to invest up front a lot and create frustration before the hard work shows what it’s for.

Maybe there is a golden rule after all.

Sell something as soon as you can see it getting ready. As soon as you develop a good feeling for it’s delivery. When that is unclear you mustn’t announce it.




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