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3 rules to deal with unclarity after re-organisations

rubikThe company I work for is undergoing some massive re-organisation for quite some time now. Responsibilities shift from one department to another and from one person to the next. This can lead to some confusion sometimes.

And here’s how to deal with it.

Shifting responsibilities is so easy to do on a sheet of paper but in reality it can be quite a different thing. Just because someone gets new responsibilities he doesn’t necessarily get a good handover on the first day.

You can easily end up in a situation where your new job has you responsible for something that you don’t have a lot of info on. Your predecessor of course probably knows all about it but might not be in the company anymore of if he is he might be having a new job as well leaving little time for a handover.

There is no golden rule here to follow that makes everything work out right away. However he are the steps I try to follow:


The information you need to do your job might be all over the place and in a lot of individual heads. Meet them and ask them for their advise. Also offer your help to those who are now responsible for what you have been doing before.


Build up personal relations to the people around you. Obviously not the ones you don’t like. Be honest. But allow time for a chat about family, hobbies, free time, anything other than work. Be authentic. It may sound stupid but that’s how people work and it will get you much easier access to information of help if you relate to each other and if you offer help yourself.

Don’t emphasize hierarchies!

Asking your boss to ask the boss of someone you need some information from is never a good idea unless everything else is tried and tested. Not speaking to people below you in the hierarchy won’t work as well. Understand that you’re working in a position but that you are working with people who deserve to be treated like everybody else. Don’t play superiority unless it can’t be avoided.





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